The DCP Fire Extinguisher is one of the most used extinguishers. It is used for all kinds of fires and is manufactured in different sizes, namely: Building Extinguishers 9KG Fire Extinguisher 4.5KG Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Extinguisher

 Co² Fire Extinguishers are mostly used in offices whereas computer are used which is a flammable item and it will not damage the computer or any electronics used.  It is manufactured in different sizes, namely: 2KG CO² 2.25K

 We provide Practical Fire Training aswell as Fire Marshall training where we teach our clients and their staff exactly how fire equipment works and how to use it in emergencies. We also provide all learners of a Training Certificate after train

 Fire Fighting Gel is an internationally approved Class "A" fire fighting product manufactured in Germany and is successfully used in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and now in South-Africa. Gel added to your normal fire fi
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