Fire Fighting Gel is an internationally approved Class "A" fire fighting product manufactured in Germany and is successfully used in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and now in South-Africa. Gel added to your normal fire fighting water by 600% increasing 500 liters of water to 3000 liters. With Gel you fight fires for longer with less water. 90% of your untreated fire fighting water runs off whereas with Gel 90% of your fire fighting water remains on the burning object and provides maximum cooling effect. Gel is the only Class "A" fire fighting product which can be used for both direct fire fighting and fire prevention.

Gel can be used with conventional fire fighting equipment like Sprayers, Knapsack Tanks, Extinguishers and more. Gel is also totally Environmentally friendly.

Gel is the most effective and safest way to fight any fire.

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